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Make your search functionality as relevant as possible

Increase the precision of your search functionality with ranking rules, error correction, synonym function and product promotion tools.


Error correction

A visitor who searches for an iPhoon means iPhone. A visitor who types ‘lamp’ may mean ‘light bulb’. Spotler Search takes this into account.


What does someone type in? Jeans, Levi’s, blue pants or denim? Spotler Search can handle it. And you get an overview of the queries that you have not indexed.


If you have a multilingual webshop, that is no problem for Spotler Search. Almost every language is automatically available and can be edited yourself.

Full control over your search results

With our software, you always have full control over your search results. This way you can set ranking rules and prioritise your most important products in the search results. But even if your visitors need better search results, you will receive those insights and you can adjust search settings. If you make your products easy to find, you will increase conversion rates.

Immediately show the most relevant search results

Visitors who take the time to enter a search query have a clear intention to purchase a product in 80% of cases. But also: with every second it takes to show the right product, that percentage drops by 30%. Good news: Spotler delivers search results within milliseconds, lightning fast without having to reload the page.

Better statistics and more insights

Our intuitive interface gives you a complete insight into your search data, search conversion and the behaviour of your visitors. You can also add Spotler Site Search to your Google Analytics or other analytics tools so you can see the real impact of an optimised search tool compared to non-search behaviour. We promise you better statistics and more insight into your webshop visitors.

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