Direct contact with your most important target groups via WhatsApp for Business

WhatsApp is a great direct messaging channel that you can use effectively for your webshop.


Visibility guaranteed

We all read a WhatsApp message. When such an app comes in, it is noticed. You can use this visibility as a webshop. You enrich the customer journey, you increase loyalty and the use of WhatsApp for Business is also good news for your conversion. Especially when you consider that consumers increasingly indicate that they prefer to communicate via chat.

Good for encouraging repeat purchases

With Spotler you can contact your customers quickly and very personally via the WhatsApp for Business API. One step further? Integrate WhatsApp into your customer service and let your entire webshop team work together. And it is a beautiful channel. Send an app when the stock is back in order or when the latest collection is out. You will see that you can encourage repeat purchases with WhatsApp.

Add to your omnichannel

Discover the possibilities of our integration with WhatsApp and create of your outreach a dynamic, attention-grabbing experience! WhatsApp is a great addition to your omnichannel approach. You increase your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). It is also good to know that WhatsApp’s API is compliant with the GDPR and that there is always end-to-end encryption.

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