Privacy-by-default platform, based in the European Union. Read more about our efforts and download our free legal documentation to learn all about how we do business.


Compliance & Security

All data processed by Flowmailer is safely stored in independently operating Dutch data centers (Amsterdam region). Customer data therefore never leaves the European Union. This makes Flowmailer 100% GDPR compliant. Any company domiciled in the European Union is entitled to transfer personal data through Flowmailer under the same rules as if it were to transfer data within their country (i.e. DSGVO).

ISO27001 Certification

ISO27001 is a specification for an information security management system (ISMS). An ISMS is a framework of policies and procedures that includes all legal, physical and technical controls involved in an organisation’s information risk management processes to protect an organization’s information in a systematic and cost-effective way. Flowmailer has been ISO27001 certified for years, meaning our platform & data security has always been on a high level.

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Reliable platform, 99,99% uptime

Does one data centre go down, e.g. due to a power failure? Do two still work. Does the platform experience high congestion at a certain time? Then we automatically distribute traffic via a better, quieter route. We have all this continuously monitored by a third party.

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Clear and open about how we do business

Since we have complete control over everything, there is no point in hiding how we do it. You can preview what a processor agreement looks like with us.

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DDMA Code Email

At Flowmailer, we follow the rules in the Code Email, issued by the DDMA, 2012. This code of conduct for email marketing focusses on the sending of unsollicited emails and has some overlap with GDPR law, i.e. the right to object. We encourage our customers to follow this code of conduct:

  • The sender of the email should be clearly recognisable;
  • The data subject should be informed the use of their data;
  • The subject should be able to opt out easily.
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Three data centres: data close to home

We make no secret of where we store our Flowmailer data. And only we have access to these locations. No third party, just Dutch citizens. We can’t make it much more AVG-compliant (we can make it easier, but where’s the fun in that).

Below are the locations of our Flowmailer data centres:

  • Digital Realty (Amsterdam Data Tower)
  • Equinix
  • Iron Mountain

Are you interested in Flowmailer?

Curious about the possibilities of Flowmailer? Then schedule an online demo with one of our experts right away. In thirty minutes, we will give you a good impression of our Flowmailer software and explain what a possible collaboration with Spotler looks like. Totally interactive and with no obligation!

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