Data Activation

Activate your customer data on all channels

Spread the news on the channels where you meet your customers. Marketing stacks often consist of multiple delivery systems, complicating audience orchestration. Our data activation solution simplifies this process, allowing you to use native integrations, your own marketing stack, or third-party platforms. We deliver configurable audiences to your preferred tools quickly and reliably.


Kick-start your messaging

Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to get started because you have to wait for all systems to be connected. Therefore, we provide enterprise-grade, native integrations for email, mobile push notifications, and onsite personalization so you can kick-start your messaging and marketing automation activities on day one.

Connect your existing marketing stack

You already do have a sending infrastructure, such as an email service provider or marketing cloud, that you trust? Fair enough. If it is one of our deep integrations, just select it in our integration setup and you are good to go.

Activate anywhere

Not yet satisfied? Easily transfer your audience data to any destination of your choice with our versatile (S)FTP, S3, and Webhook integrations. These integrations ensure that your data is transferred quickly and efficiently, providing you with the flexibility and speed you need to manage your marketing efforts seamlessly. Whether you’re looking for fast delivery or a customised solution, our tools have you covered.

Schedule an online demo

Curious about what data activation in CrossEngage can do for your organisation? Then schedule a demo with one of our experts now and we will be happy to tell you all about our software solution.

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