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Simplify your store management by establishing effective connections between different components. With Spotler Connect, you streamline the integration of your sales channels and e-fulfilment platforms. Additionally, you can effortlessly add, track, and synchronize products and orders across various platforms – both online and offline.

Our integrations

Spotler Connect supports the most commonly used e-commerce, fulfilment, and marketing automation integrations. Click on the integration name for more information about which data can be synchronised through this connection.

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Send data from one place to the other in no time

Spotler Connect offers a seamless solution for transferring data quickly and efficiently between systems. Designed to integrate effortlessly with your existing software, Spotler Connect ensures that your data flows smoothly from one platform to another without the need for complex manual processes.

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Data mapping

If you want to adjust certain data from your webshop, you can do so via the mapping module of Spotler Connect.


With our webhook, you can synchronise your data in real time via Spotler Connect to your contact in the data platform.

XML feeds

As soon as a webshop is linked via Spotler Connect, all data is then converted into one or more XML feeds that comply with Google standards.

Notification center

If something unexpectedly goes wrong with the connection, you will immediately receive an e-mail notification with text and explanation.

Spotler Connect works for every type and size of business

The possibilities Spotler Connect offers are numerous. They’re useful not only for commerce vendors but also for many service providers in the e-commerce industry. Spotler Connect works for:

  • Retailers: we help you expand your selling points internationally and meet the high expectations of customers for a fast, convenient and personalised shopping experience
  • Brands: we help you target new audiences by adding possibilities for new sales channels and lead generation, as well as providing valuable data to build a better relationship with your potential customers
  • Merchants: we help you to keep your customers happy by supporting every step in the fulfilment chain
  • Agencies: we help you automate lead gathering and personalisation to help your clients build the best relationships with their customers possible
  • Technology partners: Integrating with Spotler Connect showcases your software to a large customer base on a platform with a reputation for solid and stable integrations

Spotler Connect and B2B

In addition to the numerous options for e-commerce applications, Spotler Connect also plays a vital role in the Spotler B2B Solution. Through Spotler Connect, Mail+, Leads and CRM are connected in one powerful lead management solution.

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