Intelligent Audience Management

Intuitively identify valuable audiences and gain a deeper understanding of them

The more you understand your audiences, the better you can provide value to them. Our Intelligent audience management solution makes it intuitive for anyone to reveal the perfect audiences for their targeting.


Drag and Drop For Relevance

Don’t spray and pray. The more fine-grained you create your audience and the more specific you target them, the more relevance you create. In the end, don’t we all want to be treated as individuals? Our intuitive audience management lets you easily combine and arrange customer traits and behavior the way you need it. This yields highly relevant target groups and customer segments. You can easily integrate your existing segments with our audience inclusion functionality.

Easily Integrate Your Predictions

Directly leverage the power of your own predictive models. While other systems require you to transfer data between systems, all your predictions are readily available in our audience management. This enables you to prioritize your audience based on predicted scores such as CLV, expected response behavior, conversion rates, and many more without effort.

Analyze and Understand Your Audience

How does your audience look like? How much is the audience worth in terms of CLV? How will they behave? What do they like? Knowing what matters most to your audience is key to creating relevance. We provide you with appealing insights and predictions based on deeply nested connections in your data and advanced AutoML methods in our platform. You can consider each customer’s individual preferences regarding channel, time, and content.

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