No-Code Predictive Modeling

Build and run your own predictive models without writing code.

Knowing what to expect from your customers is your key lever to value-based customer management. Our predictive modeling solution makes this process fundamentally easier.


Build your own models without coding

No data science background? No problem! Anyone can build custom predictive models that are tailored to your individual business needs using our no-code model builder. CLV, next best offer, advertising affinity, 1st to 2nd order, and many more predefined models are just a few clicks away. The best thing here: You are not bound to only a few models your vendor thinks are best for you. You can build customer value predictions for any business case that involves future customer behavior without IT or data science support. The forecasts and customer values determined form the intelligent basis for value-oriented, automated customer selections and classifications in all your campaigns and marketing activities.

Understand the impact of your predictions

Using predictions to optimize your marketing might seem like a huge step. Can you really trust your models? Luckily, our prediction module has got you covered. You can easily see the influence and outcome of your model, sliced by customer segment, demographics, and their past behavior. This gives you the opportunity to really understand the impact of the predictions you made. If you want to dive even deeper, our model inspection page gives you hard facts on the validity and quality of every model. You can even test your predictions on campaigns that have already been run to assess the predictive power.

Our model builder extensions make you discover new frontiers

Already familiar with predictive models? Want to cover even more ground? Our low-code extensions to the model builder give you almost free reign in building any kind of custom prediction model. You can add new variables, new constraints, highly customize the target variables and even change the fundamentals of the modeling process here. All you need is some knowledge of SQL and JSON and you have a fully flexible AutoML platform at your fingertips.

Need for discussion? Just get in touch with our data scientists!

Stepping onto new terrain may sometimes be challenging. We appreciate this and therefore our large team of experienced data scientists is awaiting your call to assist you in building your own machine learning models. Just get in touch!

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