Rotterdam, 19 June 2024 – Spotler Group today announces the acquisition of Evisit, a specialist in event software. This strategic move follows the recent acquisition of Momice and underscores Spotler Group’s ambition to support clients in maximising their event performance. With this acquisition, Spotler Group takes another step in providing comprehensive solutions for marketing, communication, customer service, and event professionals.

Evisit: Specialist in Complex Registration Processes

Founded in 2010, Evisit has positioned itself as a reliable partner for ensuring the smooth operation of large events with complex registration processes. Evisit specialises in solutions for business events with challenging registration requirements, such as large-scale sports events and other major gatherings.

Synergy with Spotler Group

The acquisition of Evisit by Spotler Group is a logical next step following the integration of Momice earlier this year. Momice and Evisit have collaborated for years on large events. With this acquisition, we can seamlessly combine the expertise and technologies of Evisit and Momice for our clients, enabling them to elevate their event strategies to a higher level. This aligns with Spotler Group’s vision of seamlessly integrating data-driven marketing and communication technologies to create maximum value for its customers.

Rutger Bremer, Spotler Group’s director of events, highlights the benefits of this acquisition: “With the addition of Evisit to our portfolio, we can better support our clients in organising successful events. Evisit’s extensive capabilities perfectly complement our existing solutions and enable us to provide a fully integrated experience for both online and offline events.”

Customer Benefits and Future Vision

For customers, the integration of Evisit within Spotler Group means they can benefit from a comprehensive suite of tools that assist them at every step of the event management process. The seamless integration with Spotler CRM and other platforms within the Group ensures that event data is effectively utilised to develop targeted and impactful marketing campaigns.

Lee Chadwick, CEO of Spotler Group, explains: “Our existing clients will benefit from the extensive registration capabilities that Evisit offers. This aligns seamlessly with our strategy to support our clients at every step of their customer journey. We continue strengthening our position as more than just an email platform; we are a complete marketing and communication partner.”