Take control of your e-commerce data

Integrate your eCommerce channels, e-fulfillment and marketing automation with Spotler Connect and optimise your order- and marketing processes.

Connect your store

Take the hassle out of managing your store by setting up effective connections between various components. With Spotler Connect, simplify the process of integrating your sales channels and e-fulfilment platforms. Spotler Connect enables you to effortlessly add, track, and synchronize your products and orders across a multitude of platforms, ensuring a harmonious operation both online and offline.

Our integrations

Spotler Connect supports many of the most popular e-commerce, fulfillment and marketing automation platforms. Select an integration to read more.

Set up Automations

Simplify your workflow using Spotler Connect’s rule engine. Set up automated rules effortlessly with an ‘If this, then that’ approach. This powerful feature lets you perform various tasks, like adjusting data, sending personalized webhooks to other systems, and formatting data as per your preferences. Spotler Connect’s rule engine is flexible, allowing you to customize automation according to your needs.

Collect checkouts and customer data

Make the most of Spotler Connect to collect useful data like abandoned checkouts and customer information effortlessly. Connect it to your marketing automation platform for easy access to insights. Craft personalized emails and ads based on your shop and customer data, making your communication more relevant and effective.

Spotler Connect works for every type and size of business

The possibilities Spotler Connect offers are numerous. And they’re not only useful for commerce vendors but also for many service providers in the e-commerce industry. Spotler Connect works for:

  • Retailers: we help you expand your selling points internationally and meet the high expectation of customers for a fast, convenient and personalized shopping experience
  • Brands: we help you target new audiences by adding possibilities for new sales channels and lead generation, as well as providing valuable data to build a better relationship with your potential customers
  • Merchants: we help you to keep your customers happy by supporting every step in the fulfilment chain
  • Agencies: we help you automate lead gathering and personalization to help your clients build the best relationships with their customers possible
  • Technology partners: Integrating with Spotler Connect showcases your software to a large customer base on a platform with a reputation for solid and stable integrations

Our pricing

Spotler Connect caters to both small startups and established businesses with a plan for every size.

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Integrate shopping channels, e-fulfillment and marketing automation with Spotler Connect and optimise your order- and marketing processes. Get started today, sign up for a free trial account.

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