Real-time cross-channel campaign management

Using our cross-channel campaign management solution, you can create the most engaging customer journeys that deliver real value to the right audience with the right message at the right time.


Build engaging interactions with your audience

Are you a good storyteller? If not, you will be once you try our Stories. This feature gives you a full-fledged cross-channel campaign management solution. It includes an intuitive flowchart builder that lets you visually create highly engaging customer experiences and control your marketing channels all in one place.

Do not let the moment pass by

Customer moments are fading fast – make sure you respond to important customer actions and signals immediately. We have the most flexible real-time support that you could wish for so you can even react to and reference sequences of customer behavior automatically and without complexity.

Shine with pixel-perfect templates

Your data shines and so should your email templates. Outstanding email design catches the reader’s eye and entices your audience to keep reading once it sees your message. Our intuitive template builder lets your templates shine, quickly and hassle-free.

Speak the right words

A personal note is a great start for personalisation but not enough. Our flexible personalising language enables you to use any customer data point you have so that every single customer feels unique.

Delight with incentives

Sometimes you might need to convince your customers with a small incentive. Our couponing engine lets you easily distribute your coupons by embedding them into a message directly.

Do not overcontact

Ever been fed up with too many marketing messages? Well, we have been. Therefore, we created a sophisticated frequency capping feature. Besides getting more engaged audiences, you also safeguard your marketing budget.

Activate seamlessly

Use our natively built-in email or mobile push service or any other of our supported integrations to activate your audiences across channels.

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