Never miss a data point

Sound and quality first-party customer data is the key to making your customer relationships more valuable. In the end, how can you make great decisions if you do not know who your customers are and how they behave? Our customer data management solution provides the single source of truth for your first-party customer data.


Ingest data from any source

Whether you prefer restful APIs or CSV files, our data ingestion functionality allows you to load data into our customer data platform the way you like it. Besides that, we also provide you with web and mobile tracking SDKs. If you are already using Google Tag Manager, setting up data ingestion is a matter of minutes – not days.

Leverage the unified 360° customer view

No more customer data silos. We aggregate all person-level data into one unique customer profile. We deterministically stitch profiles together once we see they are the same person to generate truly complete customer profiles. This enables you to understand each customer’s behavior and follow every action along the customer journey in real-time. Besides that and needless to say, our 360° customer profiles also feature the current customer consent status. Opt-in to this feature, marketers!

Make no compromises on data quality

Inferior data quality may not only lead to wrong decisions but ultimately to foregone profits. We make sure that your data has the right quality before you are running into problems. Rely on all high-quality customer data being unified and available in one place.

Ready when you are

Your data remains your data. No strings attached. No matter if you want to export your raw customer data to your data lake or want to analyze your data in another system. Our data export API allows you to export all of your raw customer data with a single API call.

Controlled access

We put a special emphasis on security so your data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest. Our security team is constantly monitoring system activity. Besides that, we are of course GDPR compliant.

Export raw data

With our platform, you can seamlessly export raw data to enable deeper insights and analyses. Whether you want to create comprehensive reports, perform detailed analyses or use data for your internal systems, our export tool gives you the flexibility you need.

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