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Join our team and help our customers make an impact in their marketing communications and benefit from everything we offer our employees to feel part of the family.


Are we a match?

If you are a gardener at heart, then you probably won’t match with a SaaS company. Spotler’s business model is Software as a Service (SaaS). This means our customers do not buy software from us but use it through a subscription. SaaS companies such as ourselves offer a wide range of specific roles essential for the business’s operation and growth. In a SaaS company, colleagues often work closely to provide a seamless, customer-focused service. The goal is not only to deliver software but also provide continuous value and support, ensuring customer satisfaction and retention of subscriptions.

Are you excited about SaaS and data-driven marketing software?
Then Spotler might be your new employer! Especially if you recognise yourself in our core values:


We put the team first – We respect and care for each other

As colleagues, we make a real difference by working together as partners towards collective goals and, therefore, happy customers. We are open in our communication, we listen, help each other and engage. We create room to be yourself, have fun and celebrate successes.


We own it – We think and operate like we own the place

We take ownership for what comes our way, good and bad and even for matters that are not directly in our own interest. We keep our agreements and deal effectively with deviating situations and ensuring proper coordination and communication with those involved.


We are solution driven – We continue to improve ourselves, our products and our services.

Together we ensure that we understand what is important to our colleagues and users. We do this by challenging ourselves, being innovative, thinking beyond conventions
and striving to achieve excellence in everything we do.

Hybrid working

At Spotler, working from home is fine if your role allows. Most tasks are online, and we have good remote collaboration tools. We expect you in the office once or twice a week, and we host a fun, monthly Spotler Office Day for team and company progress

Building a career

With 300 European colleagues, i.a. from Germany, UK and the Netherlands, you help grow our business and enhance marketing communications. Career opportunities are endless, whether internationally or locally. We support growth across departments or from junior to senior roles.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Spotler employs passionate professionals and is a leading provider of data-driven marketing software in Europe. Quality work is essential. We enjoy fun company outings and activities. Our offices feature top-quality equipment and a playground for relaxation with darts, pool, shuffleboard, pinball, and Mario Kart.

Learn from each other

At Spotler, we like to learn from each other. The Spotler Academy (and our help centres), created especially for our customers, is immediately available to you when you come to work with us. We are going to teach you everything about marketing. And a wide range of experts work at Spotler. From CSS experts, HTML specialists, template builders, UX designers, customer journey specialists, content marketers, and podcast enthusiasts. And we can even teach you how to give a webinar. We have many colleagues who enjoy sharing knowledge. After all, we are #OneTeam

Learn through Udemy

At Spotler, we work with the online training platform Udemy, where you can take thousands of courses and receive training. You can go there for work-related courses, such as JavaScript, Power BI, or Scrum. We even have our own Spotler Learning Path with in-depth recorded product demos so you can learn all the ins and outs of the software we develop. But you can also take training courses on mindfulness, Presentation, or, for example, guitar lessons. At Udemy, you can develop all these skills at your own pace and completely online.

Support via OpenUp

We think it is very important that our employees feel good about themselves. But of course, there may be major or minor challenges in your private or work life. You can use the online platform OpenUp for this. Through OpenUp, you can easily and quickly get help from psychologists via telephone, chat or video consultation. This is completely anonymous. You can book a session independently at OpenUp. Spotler does not receive information about whether you request a session and what you discuss there.

“Plenty of development opportunities; Even if you work there a little longer, you don’t have to fall into a boring routine. And a good atmosphere between colleagues. Everyone has their place and can be themselves.”

“Great people who care about each other and about what they do. Team culture is based on results, not who is first into the office or last to leave. Management has a vision for the product and are pushing rapidly to achieve it”

Come & join Spotler

We’re looking forward to work together on delivering even better data-driven marketing software to our customers.

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