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Collect data, connect all your sources, and build personalized experiences that convert more visitors. With our Customer Data Platform, you have complete control. We make everything transparent and provide you with the right features to make the most of your data. The path to your converting funnel starts with Spotler Activate!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a session?

A session is a visitor on the website and you can roughly compare it with the number of sessions in Google Analytics. Each time a visitor comes to the website counts as one session. When the visitor is inactive for more than 30 minutes and comes back, it counts as a new session.

How many sessions does my website/webshop have?

When you use Google Analytics you can easily view how many sessions have been measured in the past months. For example, take the number of sessions in the past 12 months and divide by 12 to get the average sessions per month.

What happens if I go over the total number of sessions allowed in my package?

When you structurally go over the number of allowed sessions, you will have to upgrade to the next package. If you occasionally exceed the total number of sessions, for example due to a promotion, this still falls within our fair use policy.

What is Storage?

All data you collect in our Customer Data Platform counts towards the total storage of your account. The included storage is calculated so that with average usage your data can be stored for 12 months. Our Premium package includes an additional 33% extra storage.

What happens if I go over the allowed storage in my package?

If the total allowed storage is exceeded, 4 euros per GB per month will be charged.

How can I make sure I don't go over my allowed storage?

In our Customer Data Platform you can easily indicate how long your data should be stored. By adjusting this period you can ensure that less data is stored and the total storage is lower. You can also opt for a premium package with 33% more storage.

Do you also offer larger subscriptions?

For subscriptions above 1 million sessions per month, we advise you to contact us for a tailor-made proposal.

How does website personalisation work?

Website personalization uses data about customer behavior to make every visit unique. This makes it possible to show different visitors a different version of your website, based on preferences, behavior and predictions.

How does email personalisation work?

With email personalization, customer data is used to send relevant information via email. Think of sending an automated 1-on-1 email as a result of a website visit. Or consider adding recommended products to the weekly newsletter.

How will a CDP affect my online ads?

With a Customer Data Platform you can easily synchronize target groups with multiple advertising platforms from one central place. The CDP also helps to send richer data to advertising platforms and thus achieve higher match rates and better conversion measurement.

What type of customers use Spotler Activate?

Spotler Activate is used by a wide range of companies to centralize data and create personalized customer experiences. For example, view our cases in e-commerce, travel, B2B lead generation. The platform is relevant for companies with large-scale websites and customer databases and can be used flexibly, even if you have millions of visitors every month.

How do I get started as soon as possible?

When you submit an application via our website, you will receive a response from our consultants the same day. Together we will discuss the possibilities of Spotler Activate and the needs of your company. After subscribing, our customer success team will create an onboarding project to guide the implementation. In this onboarding project, all information for a successful implementation is shared and there is the possibility to ask questions about the project centrally.

Can you set up the Customer Data Platform for us?

If you do not have the capacity to set up our Customer Data Platform yourself, we will gladly put you in touch with our specialized partner network. The experience of our partners ensures that you get to a successful project quickly and efficiently, even if you do not have internal project capacity.

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