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Get the most out of your customer journeys


Go next level

Take your marketing campaigns to the next level with Spotler Activate Premium! Take advantage of essential features that help you optimize your marketing campaigns and improve your results. Premium is ideal for organizations that want to take their marketing automation and personalization to the next level.


Get in-depth insights

Gain deeper insights into visitor behaviour, create innovative target audiences, and enhance the customer lifetime value of your clients with the RFM module. This app provides comprehensive insights into the activity, loyalty, and value of your customers. Based on this data, it segments customers into precise target groups that you can immediately deploy within your journeys. This allows you to re-engage dormant customers, prevent visitors from permanently dropping out of the danger zone, and make loyal customers even more loyal.

Conversions API

Real-time Meta data sync

With the Conversions API, you synchronise data from Spotler Activate in real-time to Meta and back again. And this is something that you really want, because since the phasing out of third-party cookies, first-party data is more important than ever. With Spotler Activate’s Meta Conversions API, you comply with GDPR legislation and can safely use customer data for advertising purposes within Facebook and Instagram. This means more specific targeting, higher relevance, and better campaign results.

Product Split

Perfect the customer experience step by step

Product split allows you to segment visitors based on their interactions with your products, thus optimising customer journeys. With this feature, for example, you can create a target audience of visitors who have shown interest in a product or have viewed a specific category more frequently. Based on this, you can make even more targeted recommendations, efficiently promote products, or build a specific campaign for a target group.


Take control over customer interactions

With lifecycle, you are able to design customer journeys and corresponding phases that perfectly fit your business. It maps out which profiles are in the phases defined by you, how they move between the phases, and how they interact with your company per phase. Use these insights to create the most suitable content and personalisations for each phase and let it be automatically served. This will not only help improve the customer experience but also helps you to spend your marketing budget more efficiently.

Web Push Notifications

Effective way to reach customers at the right time and place

Reach website visitors while they browse on other websites? With web push, you serve relevant notifications within the browser of people who have recently left your website. Make these smart notifications part of your customer journey to bring back customers and reduce churn.


Send push messages from your own domain

Combat ad blockers and increase the success of your marketing efforts with CNAME Relay. Because this feature generates a custom (sub)domain and provides advanced CNAME records, browsers do not mark the personalisations and other events from Spotler Activate as spam. This ensures your personalisations are displayed as usual while remaining GDPR-compliant.

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