The CRM Meetwoch event “Mit Druck in die Kundenprofitabilität” was held on April 19, 2023, at the Spotler Germany (formerly CrossEngage) office in Berlin. Spotler Germany, Deutsche Post / DHL, and Deutsche Post Adress hosted the event.

With 80 participants in attendance, the event featured inspiring keynotes, delicious food and drinks, and engaging discussions centred around effectively leveraging the print channel for profitable Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

The event showcased talks from esteemed speakers who provided valuable insights and perspectives. Here is a recap of the key highlights:

  • Markus initiated the event with a keynote speech emphasizing the importance of print optimization and value-based CRM:
    He discussed the need for businesses to strategically utilize the print channel to enhance customer profitability. By adopting a data-driven approach and personalizing print materials, companies can create impactful customer experiences and drive higher returns on investment.
  • Franka delivered a talk that delved into the effectiveness of the print channel:
    She shared valuable insights on how businesses can make the most of print marketing to engage customers and drive profitability. Franka discussed various strategies, such as targeted messaging, creative designs, and the integration of digital elements, to optimize the impact of print materials.
  • Andreas focused on the crucial aspect of clean data in effective CRM:
    He highlighted the necessity of accurate and up-to-date customer data to ensure successful print campaigns. Andreas emphasized the importance of data quality management and discussed strategies for maintaining clean data, including data cleansing, enrichment, and integration.
  • Robert provided insights into how Clickpool effectively utilizes the print channel:
    He shared practical examples and case studies to demonstrate how print marketing can be integrated into broader CRM strategies. Robert discussed the importance of targeted segmentation, personalized messaging, and tracking mechanisms to measure the effectiveness of print campaigns.

Throughout the event, participants actively engaged in discussions, sharing their experiences and exchanging ideas. The combination of inspiring keynotes, valuable insights from industry experts, and lively discussions created a dynamic and collaborative atmosphere.

CRM Meetwoch—“Mit Druck in die Kundenprofitabilität” provided attendees with a comprehensive understanding of effectively utilizing the print channel for profitable CRM. The event highlighted the significance of print optimization, the power of personalized messaging, the necessity of clean data, and practical strategies for leveraging the print channel in CRM campaigns.

The event concluded with participants leaving with actionable takeaways and a deeper understanding of how to harness the potential of the print channel to drive customer profitability and enhance overall CRM success.