Message archiving

SendPro’s message archive stores an exact copy of your sent message. Including attachments, layout, and variables as active at the moment the message was sent. Now you know exactly what you’re sending, at what time and to whom you are sending.


The amount of emails you store is up to you. You may not want to archive password-reset emails for example, but wish to archive order confirmations for at least half a year. Whatever emails you store, we keep the complete email archived for a year, and its metadata for three years (i.e. sender, recipient, date, subject)

Superb support

It’s not unlikely for a customer to lose a message or say they never received one. With the archive, Customer Support has insight in what emails have been send to specific customers, retrieve its data and resend the exact same email.

Moreover, if an email bounced for whatever reason, simply send a follow-up text message with the information you need to provide. If that isn’t great service, we don’t know what is.

More than just archiving

The archive can be used for more than just customer support. The archived version of an email is used for its online version and can be downloaded, resent to another email address or serve as a sample.

With samples, you’re able to develop and test the emails you’ve sent to customers, without having to ask them to send them to you or trigger them again. Plus, you can send the archived emails to your email colleagues for further research and development if needed.

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