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Suitable for any transactional email

Transactional emails are more than just invoice emails or order confirmations. This also includes emails such as shipping confirmation emails, forgotten password emails, multi-factor authentication emails or pay slip emails. Transactional emails are triggered directly or indirectly by the recipient, making it very important that the emails always end up in the inbox. With an average inbox placement of 99.8%, Spotler Sendpro has a rock-solid sending reputation.

One design for different brands and software

Whether you send order confirmations from your webshop, an invoice from your ERP, or a password-forgotten email from your CRM, with Spotler SendPro you can centralise, optimise and analyse all transactional emails that leave your company. With our powerful template engine, you can use the same email template for all your different brands. This way you create one consistent brand experience.

Dynamically generated attachments

Dynamically generated attachments are created when you need them: you no longer need an additional generator. Simply send the data you need, put it in a template and send it with your emails! With Spotler SendPro you can effortlessly generate personalised PDFs, CSVs, calendar items and more.


"By using SendPro, I no longer have to worry about the delivery of important e-mails. I know the emails we send will be delivered quickly where they belong, just like our parcels."

Leo Schelvis Senior System Developer at DPD
Multilingualism in one template

Don't waste time making hundreds of translations of your emails and texts, just put them in one template.

Simple connection with source system

Integration with SendPro is super easy. Set your preferred method, connect your source system to our platform and start emailing.

Real-time analytics

Gain more insight into email recipient behaviour. This way you know whether your customer has received the invoice and you can check whether the link to your quotation is used.

Automatic bounce follow-up

SendPro's automatic bounce tracking allows you to retry several times to send an email to addresses that are soft-bouncing.

A lot is possible in Spotler SendPro

Spotler SendPro is packed with useful features. To name a few more:

  • Clear domain set-up wizard
  • Link data back to source or reporting system
  • Useful alerts and notifications
  • Delivery in less than one second
  • Premium Service Level Agreement (SLA)
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Try it out for yourself

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