(Transactional) email testing made easy with Samples

Developing a properly working email with multiple variables often takes a lot of time and effort. Marketing wants to test emails, but does not have the technical knowledge to understand every part of the email, while your development team has lost track of all those different sources. Samples solve that for you.


Does your order template still work, when you suddenly have to deal with a foreign currency? Or does that dynamic block, that only applies when a product is out of stock, still work? You might want to test every email, because no customer is the same. By creating a sample version of an email, you can test changes efficiently, without having to use your source system to send emails all the time. Samples allow you to see the effect in no time.

Be the first to fix template errors

When an email message returns an error, samples offer you insight into what went wrong. Quickly track down errorss, like missing variables, and test it without having make multiple API calls to your source system. Adjust the archived email based on what you found and the email can be sent again. With a workflow like this, you’re quick to hop on any occuring errors in Flows, email templates and data handling.

Test multiple components

If your email consists of several components, all of which you want to test, simply create a sample of each email. This is where the archive Flowstep proves useful. Save all the data you need by archiving the original email, and use this version for research & development.

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