Send emails when you want to, with SendPro

SendPro’s message archive stores an exact copy of your sent message. Including attachments, layout, and variables as active at the moment the message was sent. Now you know exactly what you’re sending, at what time and to whom you are sending.


Why schedule transactional emails?

For businesses, scheduling transactional emails offers a structured and efficient means of delivering time-sensitive information. Businesses can enhance customer engagement and satisfaction by aligning with key moments in customer journeys or important events. Scheduled transactional emails also allow organizations to manage communication workflows, ensuring timely delivery of invoices, order confirmations, and other critical messages, contributing to improved customer relations and operational efficiency.

Streamlined communications

SendPro’s scheduling feature enables seamless optimization of transactional email delivery for businesses. With user-friendly controls, companies can strategically time critical messages, ensuring they reach recipients at optimal moments. This streamlined approach enhances engagement and operational efficiency, making communication with customers more impactful and timely.

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