Customer Data Platform

Put your customer at the centre of what you do, be 100% in control over your customer data’s collection and enrichment and deliver personalized, effective campaigns.


Seize your data and engage your customer

Our platform gives you full control over your data and, more importantly, make it work for you. Start with a 360-degree customer view that syncs with all marketing channels and use this data to engage your audience across the channel of their choice with highly personalized web experiences and multi-channel communications.

One 360-degree view

Our platform enables you to connect all the relevant data from your marketing, customer service and sales platforms to create a 360-degree customer view in a highly customisable repository giving a clear overview of all relevant data for every customer. Who they are, what events triggered their behaviour and where they are in the buyer’s journey.

Actionable audience insight

With abundant data collection points per customer, relevant target audiences quickly form around common behaviour, product or topic interests, shared characteristics and attributes to form the targeting segments you need. Our platform enables you to define these audiences through our Audience Builder and turn them into actionable segments to drive an engaging, personalized experience on your website, social media, through display ads or in email campaigns.

Consistent across channels

A cross-channel approach is a holy grail in online marketing, our platform helps you get there. Effortlessly target your audiences across channels and build buyer journeys that adapt to your customer’s behaviour synchronised across each digital touchpoint.

Tried and tested

Today, measurement is the watchword in marketing and agile marketers are encouraged to try things and fail fast. On top of the customer insight, our platform enables marketers to try multiple versions of a campaign and, with automated multi-variant testing, find which is most effective and automatically switch if one option works better.

The power of personalization

Whether you are offering consumer products, valuable solutions, services or useful content to help your buyer make a decision, providing relevant recommendations, personalized to their needs and behaviour is a proven strategy in breaking through the noise, reaching your target audience and improving the return on your digital marketing and merchandising. Our platform helps you predict and offer the right recommendations at precisely the right time across your website, ads and email.

It’s easy

You don’t need to be a data scientist to work our tools, as well as the out-of-the-box integrations that make life easy for the techies and how you can easily create segments with our Audience Builder, using all that data and insight to create the customer journeys couldn’t be easier. With a simple, drag-and-drop interface, you design the customer journey, the triggers that will signal the next action and who sees what recommendations and receives your communications. Simple!

Get personal with one customer view

Stay in control

Orchestrate your marketing with a central hub for all your customer data

360° customer view

Get a deep understanding of the modern multi-channel consumer

Increase engagement

Segment your audience and serve products and content that they are interested in

True omnichannel

Provide a consistent experience wherever the consumer interacts

Plug into your business

Connect with all the relevant customer data across your business

Let us show you

Contact your local Spotler team and let us show you how easy it is to put your customer at the centre of your marketing and merchandising, connect all your data and drive relevant, personalised campaigns across all your marketing channels.

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