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Our Customer Data Platform forms the basis for personalised customer journeys and impactful campaigns on all your channels.


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A 360-degree customer view

Spotler Activate recognises the visitor in your webshop and combines this web behaviour with all the data you already know. Completely automatically and in one central overview. This gives you access to particularly well-filled customer profiles. And that forms the basis for personalised customer journeys and impactful campaigns on all your channels. You will see that with Spotler Activate you get a true 360-degree image.

Guide your customers with our journey builder

How great is it if you can easily slide and drag all parts of a campaign in the software? That you can place certain actions, yes/no paths and triggers on a central canvas to your heart’s content with a handy drag & drop editor? And that you can even add real-time external triggers? All this is possible with our journey builder.

Provide accurate product recommendations

An accurate recommendation to customers is a proven recipe for informing and enticing customers to your products or services. With our software, customers see matching products or well-chosen alternatives, all in real-time in your webshop or via external channels such as e-mail. Spotler Activate CDP is particularly flexible in this regard and everything is perfectly measurable.

Personalise where possible

Spotler Activate has the widest possible range of personalisation tools. This means that the webshop always adapts to each visitor. Depending on his preferences, his purchasing phase and a wide range of criteria. And if you want to know whether the personalisation used works, A/B testing will always help you on your way. But remember: you decide how and what you want to show in your webshop. Spotler will help you get started.


“Filmgoers are not easily categorized. Someone who watches an American action film on Saturday night might watch a feel-good animated film with their nephew on Wednesday afternoon. Our challenge was to approach our visitors more relevantly with recommendations that resonate with them and keep them coming back. Spotler Activate CDP has helped us enormously in this.”

Julien Staartjes Marketing Manager at FilmHallen
Audience Builder

Our Audiende Builder contains many variables to make the right selections. You have a lot of options for just the right segmentations.

Channel synchronisation

You can easily connect different channels in Spotler Activate so that you can always follow your customers. It greatly increases the loyalty of your customers.

Real time Persuasion

How tempting is it if you can immediately indicate when the product was last purchased and how much you still have in stock? These are standard seduction techniques in our software.

A/B autopilot testing

With Spotler you can set up A/B tests automatically. This way you can always be sure that you are using the right variant and it is a great step in the growth of your online maturity.

A lot is possible with Spotler Activate

Spotler CDP is packed with useful features. To name a few more:

  • RFM modeling;
  • Meta conversions API
  • Product split
  • Lifecycle manager
  • Web push notifications
  • CNAME Relay

Integrate Spotler Activate with your favourite software:

More than just software

At Spotler, we believe that software should be user-friendly and accessible so that you can start using it almost immediately and independently. However, to enhance your experience and get the most out of the software, we also offer numerous expert services and support. These services include, but are not limited to, extensive training and technical support to solve any questions or challenges together.

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