Dynamic attachments

Enrich your emails
with dynamic attachments

Automatically add personalised file attachments to your service emails and transactional emails.


Send personalised files

Enhance the inbox experience with dynamically generated, personalised attachments. This way you can get started with a PDF template in Spotler SendPro yourself. You fill the template with the necessary variables. Suppose you send tickets, then you quickly have to deal with multiple personal details. Think of: names, QR codes or booked activities. You can process all that data in dynamic PDF templates.

No separate software required

You do not need to purchase additional software to send an attachment. Just create them dynamically. With SendPro you can create any attachments you want and add them directly to your messages. Think of it like using an email template: the design and content blocks are there, and the data is added the moment it’s ready to send. And always in your own corporate identity.

More than just PDF files

Attachments come in all shapes and sizes. The most popular email attachments are Office documents, calendar items, HTML and PDF files. Create templates for virtually any file type your client could ever need. From simple calendar items to .csv uploads for third-party apps, such as your ERP or financial application. With Spotler SendPro you can personalise many types of files.

Discover how dynamic attachments
improve your emails

With a free SendPro trial account, you will discover all you can do with dynamic attachments. No more boring, flat emails, no more expensive PDF software, and more interaction with your emails. Try SendPro for 30 days.

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