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Improve your target audience experience with chatbots

Optimise your operational efficiency and increase satisfaction. Build your own chatbot, have it built by our experts or immediately implement our latest AI powered bot. We’ve got you covered!


Happy customers and higher engagement

Aiming for happy and engaged customers? Make sure to stay in touch with your customers, target audience and followers. Are the volumes getting too high? Integrating a chatbot to answer the frequently asked questions saves time for your employees to handle the more complex matters.

Efficiency through streamlined collaboration

Bring order to chaos by facilitating efficiency. That starts with an overview. The smart combination of chatbots and digitally supported collaboration makes that possible. Your team can work together to keep a firm grip on customer inquiries.

Extensive marketplace with common dialogues

Commonly used chatbot dialogues are readily available in the extensive library. Add useful conversations to your bot with one simple click. Building or expanding a chatbot has never been easier.

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"We find that using chatbots makes a big difference in the turnaround time. For the customer, it's a quick and pleasant experience. And it also ensures that we can still be reached by our viewers outside of our opening hours."

Angela Muradin Head of Customer Care at RTL Nederland

Bring people and technology together

Chatbots make offering the right service to your audience easier. They are scalable, efficient and available 24/7. This leaves more time for your employees to handle more complex inquiries. Where necessary, the chatbot effortlessly hands over to an available employee.

AI does it for you

AI helps you improve continuously by suggesting dialogue optimisations based on user experience.

Codeless software

Easily create chatbot conversations with the visual drag-and-drop chatbot builder.

Reports and insights

Through our intuitive dashboard, you gain comprehensible insights into the chatbot's performance.

Integrate into channels

Chatbots can handle customer conversations via live chat, messaging channels, social media DM’s, or WhatsApp.

Build your own bot or let us build it for you!

With our extensive expertise, we’ll craft customised chatbots perfectly aligned with your operations. Our chatbots seamlessly integrate across all channels, becoming an indispensable part of your team:

  • Save time and resources
  • Benefit from the expertise of our chatbot developers
  • Get an upfront estimate of the ROI
  • Have tailored integrations built
  • Keep access to the platform
  • Enjoy personalised training and dedicated support

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I build my own chatbot?

Yes! With the user-friendly chatbot platform you can easily create dynamic and natural conversations yourself. It’s no-code, so you don’t need any programming knowledge. Use the built-in tutorials to easily implement and optimise your own chatbot. Stay in charge of the development process and know your own chatbot inside out!

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Curious to learn more about the application and implementation of an AI-driven chatbot for your organisation? Our experts are more than happy to guide you through all te possibilities in a comprehensive online demo.

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