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We know the challenges in eCommerce & retail

The customer journey becomes more complex as the number of media channels increases. Every single customer walks their own journey. Some become customers through your social channels; others need months of consideration in visiting your website before eventually buying your product.

Turning one-time visitors into loyal customers

Termeer Group significantly enhanced customer loyalty and engagement by leveraging personalised email campaigns, stock alerts, wishlist retargeting, and smart notifications. These targeted strategies, driven by Spotler Activate‘s data capabilities, improved conversion rates and enriched customer data, enabling more effective marketing and optimised inventory management.

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Provide service with a personal touch

Douwe Egberts (JDE) with Spotler to enhance its customer service through personalised, data-driven marketing strategies. By leveraging customer feedback and utilising a variety of communication channels, including chatbots, Douwe Egberts ensured a warm, personal touch in all interactions. The Spotler Engage platform helped manage multiple communication streams efficiently, allowing for quick and effective customer support. This approach not only improved customer satisfaction but also strengthened the brand’s reputation for providing exceptional service.

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Tailored marketing campaigns

XXL Nutrition partnered with Spotler to enhance its customer experience through personalised marketing. Utilising Spotler Activate combined with Spotler MailPro, they implemented tailored email campaigns such as cart and browser abandonment, and cross-sell campaigns, leading to increased customer engagement and conversion rates.

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