Enhance Healthcare communications with Spotler

Our solutions enable personalised email campaigns, efficient customer data management, and automated marketing processes. These tools help healthcare organisations deliver timely, relevant information securely, supporting patient wellness and operational efficiency. Discover how Spotler can transform your healthcare communication strategy.


We understand the challenges in Healthcare communication

As healthcare becomes more complex, each patient follows a unique journey. Some engage through social media, while others require months of detailed information before making decisions. At Spotler, we help streamline this process with personalised, timely communication, ensuring every patient receives the information they need when they need it.

Commit to webcare and automation for healthcare

As a care and welfare organisation, you deal with diverse target groups. So make sure you can be reached through various (online) channels. With our webcare and media monitoring tool, all these messages come in clearly and efficiently in a single environment.

Professional and secure information provision

Spotler’s email marketing software is perfect for healthcare and welfare organisations prioritising privacy and security. Due to its high standards and commitment to data protection, Spotler is often the top choice in these sectors. With annual ISO 27001 and DDMA Privacy Guarantee certifications, Spotler consistently proves its dedication to maintaining stringent privacy and security measures.

Know what is going on around your healthcare organisation

As a healthcare organisation, it is also important to keep a grip on your reputation. Keeping abreast of news about your organisation is essential. Social media monitoring helps you keep track of your organisation’s reputation, identify crisis situations in time and keep your colleagues easily informed of the latest developments.

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