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Manage your customer and prospect data with our CRM

Save time and generate more revenue with our easy-to-use CRM software designed for B2B sales and marketing teams.


Better conversion rates of your leads

Improve your marketing and sales processes. From the first contact to closing the deal. Create opportunities, and set up lead nurturing campaigns and automated tasks. Or: collect web and email insights from your contacts in one central place. By allowing Spotler CRM to share real-time customer information across all business teams, customers not only get a more consistent experience, but it also makes sales and marketing more effective.

Always a 360-degree customer view

Information about customers and prospects is often stored in different systems. Often filled with outdated or fragmented data. And that’s a pitty. Use one system for collecting contact and account information and enrich this data with the information you obtain from the interaction of your contacts with your organization. This way you know who you are talking to and you can serve them better.

Adaptable to your wishes

The Spotler CRM system can be adapted to your wishes. This way you can add new fields and manage user access in different ways. But that is certainly not all. We also offer the option to customise the layout, graphs and dashboards. You can organise and manage your sales process and data tables according to your taste in Spotler CRM.


“The CRM system not only allows us to keep co-ordinated but we are also able to gain advanced insight into the data we possess, and we can create reports through the CRM in seconds, which is a huge step forward for us."

Matt Jessop Analytics & Performance Manager at British Red Cross
Extensive contact management

Our contact management is more than an overview of names and addresses. All interactions via email, telephone and shared documents are tracked and arranged.

Pipeline management

You can easily manage all sales opportunities and all sales efforts. With Pipeline management, you can prioritise, qualify and make sales processes visible to the entire team.

Reports and insights

With our reports, you can monitor your ROI and make data-driven decisions to design and improve your campaign strategies and sales tactics.

Workflow automation

Automate routine tasks, create workflows, set up automatic follow-up tasks and set notifications for your marketing and sales team.

A lot is possible with Spotler CRM

Spotler CRM is packed with useful features. To name a few more:

  • Different user rights
  • One quotation solution
  • Task and calendar management

Spotler CRM integrates with numerous tools:


More than just software

At Spotler, we believe that software should be user-friendly and accessible so that you can start using it almost immediately and independently. However, to enhance your experience and get the most out of the software, we also offer numerous professional services and support. These services include, but are not limited to, extensive training and technical support to solve any questions or challenges together.

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