Enhance Education communications with Spotler

Spotler’s solutions for the education industry enhance communication and engagement between institutions, students, and parents. Our tools enable personalised email campaigns, efficient data management, and automated processes, ensuring timely and relevant information delivery.


We understand the challenges in student communications

As education evolves, each student follows a unique journey. Some engage through digital platforms, while others need detailed information and guidance. Spotler streamlines this process with personalised, timely communication, ensuring every student and parent receives the information they need when they need it.

Commit to webcare and automation for education

As an educational institution, you interact with diverse groups of students, parents, and staff. Ensure you are reachable through various (online) channels. With our webcare and media monitoring tool, all messages are received clearly and efficiently in a single environment, streamlining your communication efforts and enhancing engagement.

Professional and secure information provision

Spotler’s email marketing software is perfect for educational institutions that want to prioritise privacy and security. With high standards and a strong commitment to data protection, Spotler is a trusted choice in this sector. Annual ISO 27001 and DDMA Privacy Guarantee certifications consistently demonstrate Spotler’s dedication to maintaining stringent privacy and security measures, ensuring your communications are both professional and secure.

Engage students throughout their educational journey

Engaging students throughout their educational journey is key to their success. Using chatbots, Spotler helps institutions provide instant support and personalised communication. Chatbots can answer questions, send updates, and offer guidance, making it easier for students to navigate their studies. This ensures students get the help they need, from enrollment to graduation, improving their overall experience and connection with the institution.

Learn from NCOI

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