Deliver more service on more channels, with the same team

Create a combination of channels that fits your needs with omnichannel service.


Engage your audience across different channels

Offer your customers the freedom to choose their preferred channel. Opt for omnichannel customer service and handle growing volumes across various channels efficiently without needing to expand your team.

Maximise your service

Extend your service channels with options such as WhatsApp, live chat, Instagram DM, Google Business Manager, X DM and Facebook Messenger, as well as phone options, ticketing systems and knowledge bases. Let your customers choose their preferred channel, without increasing pressure on your service department.

All conversations in one place

Messages coming in on social media, WhatsApp, messaging channels, live chat, review sites and forums? Handle multiple channels at once and easily manage the message flow with a single, comprehensive overview.

Make every conversation personal

Keep track of your audience by creating detailed customer profiles. With access to relevant information and agreements, your employees can offer personalised and effective support in every conversation.


"We chose Spotler Engage because of the overview they offer within their webcare environment. All social channels are visible in one overview, and you can see all the conversations at once. That makes working with Spotler Engage not only very easy but also efficient. It enables us to provide the right service."

Angela Muradin Head of Customer Care at RTL Nederland

Collaboration made easy

Streamline service collaboration with complete customer profiles. Employees can quickly access conversation history, review past discussions and agreements, ensuring continuity and seamless transfer of conversations.

Strategise your service approach

Keep an eye on the progress of service requests and track trends with your integrated dashboard. If customers frequently reach out through a new channel, let us help you integrate it into your service department.

Get the full picture

An integrated profile tracking your audience’s requests helps your team to fully understand each customer’s situation. This insight allows employees to provide better service and easily transfer conversations to colleagues for seamless support.

Handle growing volumes

Expand your service channels step by step. Easily integrate new channels into your existing message flow. Allow customers to contact you on their preferred channels, without increasing pressure on your service department.

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