Make your transactional emails hit the inbox

Companies of every size depend on transactional email to connect with customers after they engage with their brand. Our software makes it easier to create meaningful messages that always hit the inbox.


Get your messages to the inbox

Process all your inbound and outbound message streams through one comprehensive platform and take back control over your communications. Rely on the best delivery rates, real-time insight, and fully self-hosted infrastructure of a European Email API platform.

Design, deliver, and track the best inbox experience

Give your customers what they deserve with beautifully crafted order confirmations and highly personalised welcome emails, or keep them updated with spot-on shipment status emails. Whatever you’re sending, we’re making sure they hit the inbox!

Get those emails to the inbox

You’d like every email to always hit the inbox. With transactional emails, however, you NEED to get there. Transactional emails contain valuable information for your customer, so you need a platform built to deliver them to the inbox.

From simple HTML to advanced data structures

Regardless of what you’re sending, we offer the tools to make the most out of your emails. Add templates, dynamic attachments, open & click tracking, and so much more!

Data flows both ways

What happens to your emails after you sent them? Measure bounces, deliverability, engagement, click-throughs, and get that information straight back to your intelligence tools.


Seamless integration

Easily connect with SMTP or API and send your emails


Easy authentication

Send SPF, DKIM, and DMARC aligned emails


Keep your
data clean

Only send emails to existing email addresses

Get started

Follow in the footsteps of brands across Europe like Pathé, Currys, Teamtailor, DPD, CAB, Zusss, Siemens, and many more and chat with our team, get a free trial, and see how we can deliver your message.

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