Search Merchandising

Combine presentation method and search result

Present the desired products to every visitor in the most optimal way. With Search Merchandising you couldn’t serve your webshop visitors better.


The ideal mix of e-commerce products

With our Site Search software, you can provide an overview of the products your visitors are looking for in milliseconds. With Merchandising you determine how and in what order your products are displayed on your site. If you combine both products, something truly beautiful is created: an overview of desired search results that are displayed in a way that you find important.

Determine the visibility and promotion method yourself

With Search Merchandising you have full control over the way your products are promoted on the different pages of your webshop. That’s a good thing because no one knows your webshop as well as you do. You can increase the visibility of your promotions, promote the products you have in stock more or simply display the best-selling items more prominently.

Set rules to rank products better

You can set Ranking Rules based on product features or specific keywords. This way you can place items with a certain combination of properties in a conversion position: for example, red clothing items with a discount on the days leading up to Christmas. Our ranking rules are a smart way to improve the presentation of your products.

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