Success Story:
Express Wear & Spotler Activate Search

‘Our pageviews from search traffic have increased by 103%’


About Express Wear

Express Wear is a Dutch fashion retailer with stores located near Arnhem and Nijmegen in the Netherlands. Since June 2011 they also have a webshop. Express Wear sells middle/high-end denim related brands to everyone from the age of 15, who wants to look nice, stylish, and fashionable. In November 2018, the retailer decided to optimize their onsite search with Spotler Activate Search, in collaboration with our mutual partner Happy Horizon.

‘If your data feed is in order, implementation really is a piece of cake!’
– Roy Krabben, eCommerce Manager, Express Wear

Quick implementation and easy to use

Roy Krabben, eCommerce manager at Expresswear, was very happy with the implementation: “Search is very easy to implement. In principle, a fully functional search function can be realized in 30 minutes. Spotler Activate Search is a solution for a usually complex functionality that is truly plug and play. If your data feed is in order, implementation really is ‘a piece of cake’!”.

As far as ease of use goes, Krabben mentions that the tool required little explanation for Express Wear and is also easy to understand for non-technical marketers. “Play around in the backend one afternoon, and you’ll know exactly how everything works.”

Results after implementation

The results truly speak for themselves. After optimizing their search with Search, Express Wear saw:

  • the conversion rate within search increase by 33.4%
  • the average order value increase by 7.2%
  • time on page go up by 1.07 min.
  • Pageviews from search increase by 113%.

Visitors now exactly find the piece of clothing they are looking for, and the overall user experience has improved a lot.

Favorite Feature?

“With the help of Ranking Rules, we’ve been able to prioritize different product groups and brands much better. For example, brands with a lot of margin and stock are above products that are sold much less.” Another feature Express Wear uses a lot are synonyms. With the help of synonyms they keep the amount of no result queries to a minimum, making sure website visitors always find what they’re looking for.

Also want to become successful with site search?

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