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Our customer intelligence platform is the right SaaS solution for you if you want to strengthen your customer loyalty, increase profitability and acquire new customers more efficiently.


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Customer Data Management

Our Customer Data Management solution is designed to manage all your customer data in one place efficiently, in compliance with data protection regulations and securely:

  • Collect all first-party customer data in one system and overcome data silos
  • Create comprehensive 360° user profiles
  • Capture behavioural customer data from all sources in real-time
  • Control and manage data via API
  • Export complete records of your raw customer data

No-Code Predictive Modeling

Discover our no-code predictive modelling solution that helps you predict customer lifetime value, create intelligent audiences, and enable true customer centricity:

  • Leverage the power of predictive modelling with advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning
  • Choose from a variety of predefined predictive analytics models, such as first to second purchase, CLV, conversion scores, churn prevention and many more
  • Create custom predictive models and customer scoring tailored to your needs without data science or IT support
  • Expand the capabilities of data scientists and AI experts and create advanced, fully modifiable predictive models
  • Understand which factors influence the value and behaviour of your customer thanks to detailed customer analytics

Intelligent Audience Management

Our intelligent audience management solution is specifically designed to connect with the right audiences along the customer journey:

  • Create valuable audiences using drag-and-drop for precise targeting and engaging campaigns
  • Consider each customer’s individual preferences regarding channel, time and content
  • Build on existing target groups and expand them
  • Use your existing knowledge about your customer’s behaviour and characteristics and expand it with calculated values ​​and forecasts
  • Intuitively create target groups based on deeply hidden relationships in the data

“We have achieved customer centricity in a very short time and made a quantum leap in productivity”

David Spray Head of CRM at Globus

Real-time cross-channel campaign management

Our real-time cross-channel campaign management solution enables advanced marketing automation that helps you reach users across all channels:

  • Create visually appealing and personalised user journeys, such as simple welcome routes and abandoned cart campaigns to the most complex user stories
  • React to customer behaviour in real-time and link it to every point in the user journey
  • Easily set up recurring or one-time customer loyalty campaigns
  • Control and orchestrate your marketing channels from one platform

Data Activation

Our customer data activation and usage solution enables you to make an impact with both your existing marketing stack and our flexible integrations:

  • Get started right away with our ready-to-use email and mobile push services
  • Extend your existing setup with a range of marketing tools that integrate deeply into your system
  • Simply use our flexible data transfer based on webhooks, SFTP, etc.
  • Provide configurable target groups quickly and reliably

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