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User-friendly software for every marketer and communications professional

Every marketer and communications professional has to deal with it: an overcrowded to-do list and too little time to complete all tasks. And we recognize that all too well! That’s why our goal is to develop software that allows our users to be successful in their marketing communications in less time.

We offer software for email marketing, transactional emails, and personalization across all your marketing channels.

Spotler Mail+

Email marketing automation software

Are you looking for software to communicate in a professional manner with customers, members, prospects and other target groups? Then Spotler Mail+ is the right choice!

Spotler Mail+ is user-friendly software for email marketing automation. You can integrate Spotler Mail+ with well-known CRM, CDP and webshop software. With the four Spotler Mail+ packages we have the right solution for every industry and marketing goal.

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Spotler SendPro

Transactional email API

Do you send transactional emails such as invoice emails, order confirmations or forgotten password emails? Make sure that these emails also match your brand and corporate identity.

SendPro’s transactional email API allows you to send and receive transactional emails in a flexible and scalable way to manage. Easily connect all your different systems to our email API.

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Spotler MailPro

Email marketing automation software
for enterprise organizations

Spotler MailPro is ideal for enterprise organizations that are looking for a solution to complex issues.

The MailPro platform contains many options such as managing multiple brands, extensive rights and role management, approval manager, multiple sending domains and much more.

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Spotler is Software WITH a Service

Spotler’s user-friendly software enables you to get the maximum return from your marketing. We believe a good, carefree start is important and that is why we offer a lot of support. In this way, we properly configure software together. We guide you in setting up your database, developing the necessary templates and integrating with your CRM, CDP or webshop software.

We also train you in using our software and you can learn everything about marketing in the our Academy.

And do you ever need help? Call, email or chat with our support department. We are happy to help you immediately. And we just do that in Dutch.

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Spotler: who are we?

We focus on developing and delivering marketing software. We focus on ease of use and personal support. In addition, we find privacy and security extremely important. And we like to collaborate with other organizations so that we can provide the best integrations and services to our customers. We would like to introduce ourselves to you in detail.

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