On April 26, 2024, the nineteenth edition of the Emerce100. was published. And this year, too, the various divisions within Spotler are scoring good. For example, Spotler managed to get 4.5 stars in the category ‘Email marketing software’.

In the category ‘Analytics & Optimization software’, the Spotler divisions Squeezely, Sooqr and Datatrics (all three now part of our product Spotler Activate) scored 5 stars, 5.5 stars and 4.5 stars respectively.

In addition, we are proud to announce that Spotler Engage (formerly OBI4wan) has finished in joint first place in the category ‘Social software’ in this annually renowned survey. The research conducted by Motivaction makes it clear that our software scores well among our customers and partners.

About the research

The Emerce100 was once a survey of 100 online companies, but today there are more than a thousand. They are all examined by the research agency Motivaction. The best scoring companies receive a maximum of seven stars, but for most organizations the rating fluctuates between three and five stars.

Companies are assessed on criteria such as ‘knowledge/know-how’, ‘price-quality ratio’, ‘reliability’ and ‘flexibility’.

How does Spotler score?

Categorie: E-mailmarketing software
Spotler Mail+  

Category: Analytics & optimization software
Spotler Activate Search – Sooqr Search  
Spotler Activate – Squeezely  
Spotler Activate – Datatrics  

Category: Social software
Spotler Engage – OBI4wan  

Category: Agency groups
Spotler Group  

Score is based on a seven-point scale. The number of stars is therefore a maximum of seven.

Goed in e-mail marketing automation

“Het mooie van het onderzoek door Motivation is dat het een echt imago-onderzoek is. Het geeft een beeld van de waardering van onze software door partijen die de software ook echt kennen. Elk jaar weer kijken we uit naar dit onderzoek. En ook dit jaar scoort onze e-mail marketing automation bijzonder goed. Dank aan alle klanten en partners die ons hebben vermeld en die hun waardering voor onze producten hebben uitgesproken,” aldus Mark van den Berg, CMO Spotler Group.

CDP- en Search-software van ongekende kwaliteit

Mark continues: “Of course, we know better than anyone that with Spotler Activate Search (formerly Sooqr Search) and with our CDP Spotler Activate (formerly Squeezely) we bring products of unprecedented quality to the market. It is software that helps marketers to communicate marketing communications in a fully personalized and therefore super relevant way. And how wonderful it is that this appreciation is also given by our customers and partners. We are really very proud of that.”

Chatbots, WhatsApp, live chat, media monitoring and more

Mark continues: “Social software refers to all software that allows you to come into direct contact with your prospects and customers. This can be done via chatbot technology, via social media monitoring or via WhatsApp for Business. Or via Facebook, for example. Much is possible. We market all these forms of direct and social contact as Spotler Engage. Perhaps better known under the old name OBI4wan. But other than that, it’s great to see that all our efforts to bring great software to market are appreciated. Many thanks for so much trust and appreciation,”

Interested in our social software?

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