A/B autopilot testing

Experiment freely and quickly discover what works best with A/B autopilot testing


To measure is to know

As a marketer, you can’t always hit the bullseye. Fortunately, testing your ideas before implementing them on a large scale is possible. With A/B autopilot testing, you quickly discover which use cases and personalisations work and which don’t. This way, you efficiently build a better funnel for all your visitors and customers.

Define your objectives and achieve them

Whether you want to measure the effect of a discount on the average order value, optimise the timing of a pop-up, or want to know the best way to offer a discount – with an A/B test, you quickly and easily find out. Define your objective, set up a test, and Spotler Activate takes care of the rest. The A/B split node automatically divides the profiles eligible for the test group and control group, measures the effects in real time, and tells you if your ideas are viable.

Implement your successes and keep optimising

Happy with the result? Then simply apply the action to the entire target audience. Not excited yet? Add new variations yourself, or let Spotler Activate test various options for you. Step by step, we help you achieve the best result.

Discover the possibilities of A/B autopilot testing

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