Channel synchronisation

Integrate your favourite external channels with Spotler Activate and manage the entire customer journey from one platform


Share data and triggers for cross-channel magic

The possibilities of Spotler Activate don’t stop at the boundaries of your platform. With channel synchronisation, you effortlessly connect your favourite channels and software to the CDP. Your email channel, social media, advertising platforms, customer service tool… Yep, the whole shebang. What does this mean in practice? Real-time data exchange, cross-channel journeys seamlessly integrated, and an optimal experience for all your visitors and customers.

Efficiently target your audiences across different platforms

Once your favourite channels are linked, you can directly apply the collected data and insights from the CDP throughout your different channels. Think of the specific audiences you’ve built with the audience builder. Sync them to Meta to enhance your ad targeting, or use them in your loyalty programme to set up a specific campaign. Just as effective as it is simple.

Say hi to automatically updated mailing lists

Forget about fussing with outdated Excel sheets and complicated CRM synchronisations. Once you link Spotler Activate with your mail platform, mailing lists are available that perfectly match the audiences you’ve built in the CDP. And because data is exchanged in real-time, opt-ins and other email preferences are always up-to-date. This will make your customers happy, as well as yourself.

More than 50 integrations already possible

The Spotler Activate platform has over 50 integrations at its disposal, including advertising, mailing, shopping, and analytics platforms. There’s a good chance, scratch that, a very good chance your favourites are already among them. If one happens to be missing, we’re happy to brainstorm about a solution.

Build your optimal ecosystem with channel synchronisation

Want to learn more about channel synchronisation and integrations with Spotler Activate? We’d love to show you in an online demo.

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