Realtime persuasion

Optimise customer journeys and drive purchases with data-driven persuasion techniques


The suble nudge in the right direction

In an ideal marketing world, your visitors obediently follow the customer journey as you’ve designed it for them. No distractions, doubts, or competitors at play to prevent conversion. Unfortunately, reality works just a bit differently. Spotler Activate’s real-time persuasion feature combines data from the CDP with proven persuasion techniques to subtly guide your visitors in the right direction. All based on real data and theory, hitting the bullseye in real time. Cupid has nothing on this!

Social proof: old school word-of-mouth in a new light

Chances are, before making a purchase, you check what others think of a product or service. Or perhaps you decide to buy something because someone else recommended it to you. Social proof plays a massive role in purchase decisions.

The social proof feature informs your visitors how many times an item has been ordered, how many visitors are currently viewing the same item, or how recently the item was last added to a shopping cart. Fully embedded on the product detail page or in a pop-up. You decide how eye-catching you want it to be!

They don’t feel FOMO? Then you just make sure they will

Fear of missing out isn’t just about social events. No, when it comes to items or services, people are sensitive to scarcity and dislike missing out. With this feature, you inform your visitors exactly how many (or few) products you have left in stock, instantly increasing their perceived value. Combine it with social proof, and your visitors won’t know how quickly to act.

Flexible persuasion your way

Not everyone’s behaviour is equally influenced by the same persuasion technique. That’s why Spotler Activate neatly tracks what works and what doesn’t. Based on these insights, it automatically predicts which techniques, in what form, and through which channel are most efficient for your target audiences. This way, you quickly achieve optimal results without distracting your visitors from your end goal.

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