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Effortlessly create your effective personalization strategy using our Success Cases. Based on positive customer experiences, we’ve developed practical frameworks complete with actionable cases. This allows you to dive right in and achieve success.

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Quickly get started with Spotler Activate’s Success Cases to personalise your customer journey from start to finish. For example, get your customer identification in check with Recognise or enhance recommendations with Recommend. Ensure no customer drops off with Remind. Entice customers to make a purchase with Persuade. And maximise order values and repeat purchases with Propose.


Identify your visitors to collect valuable data about website usage and purchasing behavior.

Recognise email addresses

Boost your customer recognition from email interactions by applying email hashing. By recognising email addresses on your website, event data from unknown cookies can be linked to profile data from known visitors. This way, you build complete 360° profiles and can start personalising the customer journey.

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Gather email addresses

What’s the easiest way to obtain your customers’ email addresses? Simply by asking.

Build a form, go live in Spotler Activate, and the data is instantly added to the 360-degree customer profile.

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Enrich customer profiles

Get to know your customers better by enriching profiles with relevant information about their interests and preferences. Decide what you want to know, create a form in Spotler Activate, and go live. The rest happens automatically.

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Make recommendations through multiple channels to offer your visitors the right offer at the right time.

Website recommendations

Show website visitors the products they are genuinely interested in. Spotler Activate combines website behaviour with your product feed, enabling you to present personalised product recommendations to every visitor.

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Recommendations in email

Allocate blocks in your email templates to display a personalised selection of products. This way, you send everyone a tailor-made email. Automate triggers from Spotler Activate to ensure they are sent at the right moment.

Matching attributes

Displaying products with matching attributes can be highly effective. Dynamically load products onto a product page based on previously collected customer data, ensuring each visitor is presented with a personalised offer.


Encourage visitors to complete an incomplete customer journey in a friendly way.

Website reminder

Show previously viewed items to returning website visitors. This not only increases conversions but also enhances the user-friendliness of your site.

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Abandoned website

Automatically follow up customers who didn’t convert with a reminder through an email or direct message. There’s a high chance they’ll take another look and continue their journey.

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Shopping cart

Just as customers reach the checkout, the bell rings. Or the phone. Or doubts creep in. Whatever the reason, you ensure your customers automatically receive a reminder to complete the purchase. Convenience at its finest.

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Online retargeting

Utilise all your channels to remind customers of previously viewed items. Reach visitors with retargeting campaigns via Facebook, Instagram, or Google and watch those conversion rates grow.

Back in stock

When it comes to customer-centricity, an automatic ‘back in stock’ alert is undoubtedly in the top 10. Spotler Activate makes it possible in the form of an email and pop-up on your website.


Convince your visitors of your offer based on proven psychological principles.

Persuasive pop-ups and overlays

Your persuasive success depends on the message’s content, the timing of delivery, and the format. Spotler Activate contains an arsenal of templates for pop-ups and overlays that you can easily personalise for each visitor, ensuring optimal conversions.

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Persuasive product information

Social proof and scarcity are two persuasion principles with proven impacts on consumer behaviour. Apply them in the form of subtle messages on your product page, providing relevant and honest information about the popularity or stock of your items.

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Make commercial proposals for additional sales based on acquired insights.

Cross- and upsell at checkout

Recommend complementary items in the shopping cart or checkout based on data. A bit of extra service for the customer, a bit of extra revenue for you.

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Follow-up emails

Enhance customer loyalty with suggestions for complementary items or repeat purchases. Follow up via email (or another channel) and use data to determine both content and the ideal sending time.

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