Website Personalisation

Create a unique experience for every visitor with personalised content across your entire website


A taloired website for every visitor

Your website plays an essential role in various phases of the customer journey. It provides your visitors with everything they need to move from awareness to eventual conversion. To ensure this process runs as smoothly as possible, it’s only logical to tailor your content to each individual visitor on this channel as well. With Spotler Activate’s website personalisation feature, you can easily create a unique experience for every visitor. Use our best practice templates or build your own personalisations to optimise your customer journeys from A to Z.

Real-time communication with overlays

Anyone who says website pop-ups are distracting and one-sided hasn’t discovered our overlays yet. With this feature, you can effortlessly layer personalised content over your website that is both user-friendly and relevant. Use overlays to highlight a promotion, share a persuasive message, or gather valuable data from your visitors. Yes, you can also collect customer information with this tool. And as for the design, timing, frequency, and targeting? You decide all of that yourself.

Revamp your website design without development

Want to change your website layout but lack the time or development skills? This feature allows you to tweak the design without delving deep into the code. With embedded personalisations, you can easily add a row of recommendations, a content block, or a label in your website’s branding. Embedded personalisations enhance the on-site experience for your visitors and create new opportunities to gather valuable data within various stages of the funnel.

Test, tweak, and achieve the best results

Of course, creating the optimal website for every visitor doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a continuous process of trial and error, testing, and tweaking. But thanks to the A/B testing feature and insightful dashboards, you’ll immediately see what yields results and what doesn’t. This way, you can keep optimising and achieving better outcomes.

Discover the power of website personalisation with Spotler Activate

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