How BloomSmith revolutionized Real Estate financing with SpotlerCRM

Formed in 2015, BloomSmith provides VAT-bridging loans on real estate transactions to address funding and loan-to-value shortfalls in the lending market. Their customers are mainly experienced borrowers who are looking to benefit from an intelligent transaction structure in preference to a fixed legal charge.

Before adopting SpotlerCRM in 2019, the company’s contact management process used whiteboards and spreadsheets to manage its data and customer relationships. As the business grew and its aspirations became more complex, it realized it needed a more sophisticated system to manage this. That’s when it turned to SpotlerCRM.

Nigel Smith, CEO of BloomSmith, explained, “The business was growing rapidly and we realised that to achieve our aspirations, we needed to change, and we needed to achieve this change in its simplest form.”

Leveraging SpotlerCRM’s case management

The Service & Support option available in SpotlerCRM is crucial to BloomSmith’s business. It allows BloomSmith to track customer support cases from opening to closing.

Nigel added, “When we first signed up for the CRM, we saw it as a way of managing our customers. We then realised the case management system could manage our deals, and from that, we realized that we didn’t have to use the CRM as just a database but more of a ‘deal management’ system.”

“From the initial enquiry to completed deals, our pipeline now runs smoothly, thanks to SpotlerCRM.”
Nigel Smith, CEO of BloomSmith

Customisations that make a difference

Customising the CRM fields was also important to BloomSmith, particularly the introduction of calculable fields, which have helped save the company a lot of time. Nigel commented, “The process of implementing customisation started with the team actioning it themselves, but found they needed help with the more complex requirements. After a few calls to the SpotlerCRM, the customisations were implemented. However, this level of support has also meant our team is now confident to create custom fields for themselves.”

Going forward, BloomSmith is looking to customise the reporting functionality of their personal dashboards and understand how this can be used to highlight data relevant to their objectives. The team has booked a call with SpotlerCRM’s1 Technical Success team to help create the charts and widgets they would like for their dashboards.

The potential of a CRM

When asked how the CRM has benefited BloomSmith’s operations, Nigel Smith commented, “The CRM has benefited us in every way possible. All our customer data is in one place, and all the data is stored in the cloud, which is backed up and secure. In the past we just used one spreadsheet where the data was muddled into different fields. Now it is so simple to pull reports highlighting the exact data we need.”

Nigel continues, “Another example of how the CRM has benefited us is using the integrated marketing tool. We previously ran our marketing emails through Outlook and after a year of using the Simple Marketing tool, we upgraded to the Advanced Marketing tool. This has provided us with the different design features and ways to target different audiences.”

“The CRM can fit into all aspects of any business, from record keeping and relationship management to reporting and marketing. For us, it has become an essential tool in helping manage our growth and has allowed us to achieve our business objectives, these objectives have also evolved in terms of sophistication, complexity, and scale due to our use of the CRM.”

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