Crafting client connections at Brand Britain

Brand Britain is a specialist creative agency designing packaging, shopper marketing campaigns and category design solutions for some of the biggest food, drink and games brands in the UK and globally.

With the objective to provide strategic design services to established, growing and emerging fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) brands, Brand Britain believes experience is worth a lot – especially when it comes to increasing brand equity. Whether it’s unlocking latent value and re-building a once great brand, or working with an innovation team to develop and launch something completely new, the agency draws on their creative directors’ 20+ years of design experience to deliver outstanding results for their clients.

Shredded Wheat cereal boxes

Business Manager, Beverly D’Ambrosio, explained, “We’re not an ‘all things to all men’ brand design agency. We know our strengths and stay focused. We know about packaging design and how to articulate brand attributes effectively. A clear strategy and communication means making a deeper connection with consumers. This also applies to our client base. In order to achieve this, we work closely with existing clients, and attend worldwide conventions to attract new ones.”

Yet, business growth meant that tracking potential clients using spreadsheets and paperwork was not going to work going forward. They recognised the need for a coordinated approach using a centralised database that could be accessed by anyone in the company at any time.

The team has easy access to the latest updated client information and we can see at a glance the conversations taking place with clients and the next steps needed.
Beverly D’Ambrosio, Brand Britain

Creating a CRM database

Having identified that a CRM system would give the company what they needed, SpotlerCRM was recommended by a supplier. Having tested the system Brand Britain found that SpotlerCRM not only offered good value for money but met all their key criteria enabling a co-ordinated approach to new business.

Beverly continued, “The CRM is used daily to keep our client database updated and manage client contact. We’ve cut down the amount of paperwork needed to support each client, and all our records and conversations with clients are now in one place. This means anyone in the team has easy access to the latest updated client information, and we can see at a glance the conversations taking place with clients and the next steps needed.”

A team collaboration tool

The CRM has given the Brand Britain team more confidence in managing clients. Beverly explained “Everyone understands the CRM system and has access to the latest updates. When we prospect new clients, we are able to keep all their details on the system so that at any one-time colleagues are able to access the system and see where we are with them, i.e. introductory email, followed up by telephone call, credentials sent and, hopefully as our relationship develops, a first meeting arranged.”

“These processes are all documented on the CRM system, the name and address of the company, and the various personnel who work there. Then the conversations are added for future tasks.”

Beverly summarised “Working with SpotlerCRM has allowed us to keep a coordinated control of our clients and has given the department confidence that all our clients are documented in a centralised hub. The CRM is a simple and flexible system which is kept in one place and accessible to all colleagues”

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