Case: Adding transactional email to the marketing mix at Zusss

How Zusss creates a consistent look and feel across all channels, uses transactional email commercially and centrally analyses the results.


Potential of transactional email

Transactional email is rarely considered when adding value to the customer journey, even though it has endless potential. Lifestyle and fashion brand Zusss is on a mission to unlock that potential. With a large online collection and 400 selling points in The Netherlands and Belgium, Zusss has a significant customer base. To connect with all these customers on a personal level and send them personalized recommendations, Zusss found its way to Spotler SendPro.

By adding Spotler SendPro to their marketing mix, lifestyle and fashion brand, Zusss can send highly personalized transactional emails to their customers, resulting in even higher conversions and brand loyalty. They reach their goals by:

  1. Showing their brand identity throughout the entire Customer Journey;
  2. Developing dynamic emails based on customer behaviour;
  3. Displaying the next best offer through a CDP connection.

Zusss’ Challenge

The bigger your customer database gets, the more different people you’ll find. To give every customer a tailor-made experience throughout their journey with your brand, you need data – and the possibility to use that data to the maximum. By using SendPro, with Spotler’s Email Automation and a Customer Data Platform, Zusss is on a journey to unlock all the potential the inbox offers.

Showing brand identity throughout the Customer Journey

Creating a consistent look & feel is one of the main marketing goals for Zusss. They aspire to be basic in their own unique way – with a little cheeky touch. Sending out the plain transactional emails their webshop provides obviously doesn’t fit Zusss’ vision. Looking for a way to add this coolness to their emails, they found Spotler’s software SendPro & Mail+.

Dedicated software for marketing and transactional emails

By using both SendPro and Mail+, Zusss enabled their marketing team to benefit from all the potential email has to offer. Instead of using an all-in-one solution, Zusss recognized the value of having best-of-breed software for both types of email communications. With this strategy, Zusss uses all the tools & knowledge Spotler offers to send out newsletters and promotional campaigns and uses Flowmailer to deliver triggered emails from their webshop and other business software straight to their customers’ inboxes.

Both being part of Spotler, this combination of best-of-breed tools gives Zusss the certainty of having specialized software, still enjoying the same benefits an all-in-one solution would provide:

  • Flawless integration with their webshop and between platforms;
  • Expert support in their language on both platforms;
  • The email templates created in Mail+ can also be used in SendPro.

Dark mode templates

With the rising usage of Dark Mode in email, Zusss wants to stay up to date and relevant to all their recipients. To not lose valuable conversions from the customers that use Dark Mode, Zusss had to convert their ‘old’ templates to dark mode proof emails.

Behaviour-based content

More than just having transactional emails in their brand’s style, Zusss wants to explore the endless possibilities transactional email has to offer. They know every customer has different interests. Based on their order details, the emails they receive contain relevant information.

That information goes beyond ‘simply’ telling people what they ordered. They know. What matters is what they can expect next. For example, their order confirmations contains a dynamic block that only shows when customers payed with PayPal – showing terms & conditions on returns that only go for PayPal payments.

Having the option to show content based on customer behavior goes beyond stating what happened – it also gives you a powerful tool to suggest what a customer should buy next.

Displaying the Next Best Offer

You might think of the transactional email sending process as pretty static. Take a webshop and a tool like SendPro, and that’s it. The webshop provides your transactional email tool with the data it needs to deliver (a beautifully crafted) order confirmation. During this process, however, our API allows for a lot more than ‘just’ designing and delivering an email.

Zusss uses a Customer Data Platform (or: CDP)- famous for the ‘Others like this too’ recommendations you see in webshops. By connecting to this CDP, SendPro retrieves relevant data about the customer and is able to show the next best offer per recipient. Ordered a shiny summer outfit? These sunglasses go so well with it!

A Customer Data Platform combines personal information with common practices to predict what would go well with items you’re looking at, but also with items you’ve purchased already. This makes the CDP + SendPro connection ideal to Zusss: They now have the opportunity to promote highly relevant products to people they know are engaged with their brand. See the example of their order confirmation email.


"As an email marketer, the possibility of combining marketing and transactional email makes me very happy."

Natasja de Jonge Email Marketer

On the roadmap: An even deeper integration between marketing solutions

On the roadmap: An even deeper integration between marketing solutions

Zusss’ future plans are clear: their marketing solutions need to work together on an even deeper level than they currently are. More platforms (like their ERP) are to be connected to SendPro, and SendPro is going to play an even more significant role in their marketing efforts, including newsletter subscriptions via transactional email and an integration with review solutions.

Add your transactional email to the marketing mix too

The marketing potential of transactional email is huge. By adding Spotler SendPro to their marketing mix, Zusss is able to make a big difference in their email communication. Their brand style is woven through the entire customer journey, customer data is used to provide a highly personalized experience, and through a CDP connection they sell even more items – all within their transactional emails.

Would you also like to get more out of your transactional emails?

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