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Guides and downloads to help you get started with the Spotler brand, from logos and color to type.


Our Logo


Minimum size and exclusion zone

There are no predetermined sizes for the Spotler logo. Scale and proportion should be determined by the available space, aesthetics, function and visibility.There is no preset maximum size for the logo. In print the minimum size is 20 millimeters.

For digital uses the minimum size for the standard logo is 100 pixels.

To ensure that our logo is clearly visible in all content, surround it with sufficient ‘clear space’. Free of type, graphics and other elements.

When the logotype or full name is used, a clear space of 50% the symbol’s height should be maintained.




Header typography

Spotler has chosen the primary typeface for the titles of texts for ‘Greycliff CF Heavy’. The alternative to safe use online is ‘Open Sans Bold’.

“Rugged, hearty, and warm, Greycliff CF is a versatile font family. Strong capitals and a smooth, open lowercase are effective in a variety of applications. The geometric, near-monoline construction lends Greycliff a classic durability reminiscent of the 1940s, tempered by softened edges and vibrant shapes.”Connary Fagen

Body typography

Spotler has opted for the ‘Greycliff CF Regular’’ for body texts both print. You can think of texts for letters, presentations, online advertisements and the website.

For online body typography we use ‘Open Sans Regular’.

The font ‘Open Sans’ can be found here:



Dominant colors

Knowledge Blue

Pure: #002a4d

R0 G42 B77
C100 M55 Y0 K70
PMS Coated 281
PMS Uncoated 281

Tint: #ccdde3
Shade: #001d34

Honesty Blue

Pure: #23afe6

R35 G175 B230
C80 M0 Y0 K0
PMS Coated 2192
PMS Uncoated Process Blue

Tint: #e6f6fc
Tone: #8ec8ed
Shade: #1d93c1

Spirit Yellow

Pure: #f0e306

R240 G227 B6
C0 M0 Y90 K0
PMS Coated 107
PMS Uncoated 107

Tint: #fdfbdb
Tone: #f6ef71
Shade: #cabf05

Accent colors

Success Green

R92 G217 B117

Background (text):


Awareness Red

C0 M100 Y80 K0
R210 G47 B56

Background (text):


Legend Orange

R251 G124 B28

Background (text):



Color + Logo combinations

The Spotler logo uses two colors: Dark Blue and White.
These are the mandatory color combinations:

White on Blue
Blue on Blue
Blue on Yellow
Blue on White

So don’t go experimenting with colors

Don’t use color combinations other than those shown above.

Don't use various colors on Knowlegde Blue
Don't use various colors on Honesty Blue
Don't use various colors on Spirit Yellow
Don't use various colors on White

Background images

Now and then the Spotler logo can also be uses on a image background. But only with sufficient contrast.
Use the ‘Knowlegdge Blue’ logo for use on light colored backgrounds, and an all-white version for dark backgrounds.

Light Background
Dark Background

Color combinations

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