Let our CRM work for you and not the other way around

Spotler CRM is flexible. You can arrange fields and tables according to your taste and wishes. You also decide what you see in the reports and the user rights are also adjustable.


To adapt to your wishes

As soon as you start setting up Spotler CRM, you will notice that you want certain fields and not others. Adjust fields, add new ones or delete the fields you are not going to use. Values ​​in lists, the various sales phases that have already been set up and the predefined tables and columns can all be arranged according to your wishes.

Reports always show your information

You can run reports that contain all the information you consider important. Of course, you can also add the information that comes from your custom fields. You can save reports on your dashboard or have the information emailed to you. In short, the CRM reports are also customisable and always provide insight into the information that is important to your marketing and sales team.

Determine the user rights yourself

You store a lot of personal data in Spotler CRM. As you know, you must handle this carefully and safely. In our software, you can therefore determine access to data yourself. Each user is part of a user group and has a user profile. You can assign rights at those two levels. You can set security so that users in the same user group can access each other’s accounts, but not the accounts of another group.


“When I saw I could customise, that was a huge thing, especially being able to upload the custom fields and the custom tables really helped. We have been able to customise it to fit us perfectly.”

David Johnson Board member at Valley Surgical

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