Pipeline Management

Get a grip on your sales and marketing processes

With Pipeline Management you can prioritise, qualify and make sales and marketing processes visible to every member of both teams.


More insight into your sales opportunities

A sales pipeline is an overview of all the phases and steps that make up your sales process. If you set this up properly, you will immediately see which changes and transactions take place. This gives you a nice historical overview of leads and opportunities. In Spotler CRM you can see the value of each lead, the sales opportunity and the agreed rates and prices. With a well-defined sales pipeline, you prevent missing opportunities.

Visualise your marketing and sales

With Spotler CRM you can create forecast reports. This way you not only see what your sales pipeline looks like, but you also gain insight into the sales opportunities. The values ​​you set for this and their amounts are of course also reflected in the reports. And if you want, you can place all insights directly on your dashboard via a widget.

Your sales process in Spotler CRM

The sales pipeline of your organisation can be set up in Spotler CRM. You can change or delete preset phases and steps. But if you want to add parts, that is also perfectly possible. We believe it is important that our software can be adapted to your wishes and needs. This way we know for sure that you and your marketing and sales team will be happy to use it.


“Spotler CRM has become a very important part of our business. It has streamlined the way we work, improved our non-verbal communication and ensured visibility across all accounts.”

Richard Perry Group Marketing Manager at JC Payne

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