Find out how you are doing with your business

Do you always want to know the latest and most interesting results of your marketing and sales? With all the insights, reports and analyses that Spotler CRM can create for you, this question is quickly answered.


Intelligent analyses and reports

Improve the work of marketing and sales with the many insights you can get from Spotler CRM. You can get answers to simple questions such as: how many phone calls has Mark had this week or how many customers do I have in the Manchester region? But you can also request advanced summaries such as: what is the total number of deals and the value of the sales pipeline for product x?

Always have an overview of your ROI and the campaign result

First things first: add your customers’ digital activities to Spotler CRM. Know what your customers click on in your mailings, for example, and gain insight into their website behaviour. Combine this data with the information you already know about your customers. This way you know what your ROI is. And you know how to adapt your campaigns to the behaviour of your contact database. Insights that help your business further.

Graphs and tables customisable

Line charts or bar charts? Figure displays over months or quarters? Results on the dashboard or not? Overviews of the latest opportunities, new leads or campaign results? Much of Spotler CRM is customisable. Choose the preferences of your marketing and sales team and implement them in our software. This way you always see the data and analyses that are important for your business.

Drag & drop editor

You can quickly create reports with our easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor. A preview screen shows you what you are doing and how your reporting is being structured.

Hot leads

Direct view of your most engaged leads? Add engagement rates to Spotler CRM and you will immediately know which leads have the greatest chance of conversion success.


"For the first time in our history, we can monitor and analyse the interactions between our employees and our customers. Spotler CRM gives us particularly valuable insights."

Max Elman Board member at Maryland New Directions

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