Workflow automation

Work smarter and more efficiently with automated workflows

Automate routine tasks, streamline data entry, set up automatic follow-up tasks and set up notifications for your marketing and sales team.


Simplify repetitive tasks

Easily create automated processes in Spotler CRM, so you don’t have to spend time on laborious data entry and tedious repetitive tasks. This way you can set your best leads to always be visible in your reports when a certain score has been achieved. Or: your Scotland team will automatically receive a notification when an account is created in Glasgow. Or: your marketing team receives a notification when a new lead arrives. Etcetera. There is a lot to automate.

Run campaigns on autopilot

An important automatic process is the marketing follow-up of leads. As soon as a lead arrives in the CRM, you can follow up with an automatic email campaign. Depending on the interaction, you qualify the lead with a score or with a specific tag. If, for example, the lead’s CRM account status changes or the lead visits specific pages on your site, you can also move the lead to another campaign. All automatically. You don’t have to worry about it.

Easily set up follow-up tasks

You can set reminders, send emails, schedule tasks, activate campaigns and many more follow-up tasks via our simple user interface. They are all no-code automations. You don’t need any technical knowledge for it. At Spotler, we want you to set up automated workflows. Our tool for workflow automation is a particularly useful feature in our CRM software.


"We found it difficult to keep a good overview of our sales processes. We could not immediately see who had last spoken to a particular customer about what. Not infrequently, we received handwritten notes from sales. We wanted to change this and we succeeded with Spotler CRM. Now not only have the processes improved, we also have insight into the best leads and the best sales opportunities."

Kim Jenner Business Manager at Royal Academy of Arts

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