Flowmailer is now Spotler

The Flowmailer company is now part of Spotler and the platform name is now Spotler SendPro. We continue to offer the trusted transactional email software, services and expertise to make your digital communications a success.


Spotler SendPro: Email & SMS API

Process all your in- & outbound message streams through one comprehensive platform and take back control over your communications with features such as:

  • Transactional email editor
  • Advanced data modelling
  • Real-time analytics
  • Connect through SMTP, API, SMPP, or an Inbox Source
  • And much more…
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More than just transactional email API

In addition to SendPro, we develop and supply more software. We also offer software for email marketing, social media management, integrations and personalization across all your marketing channels.

An important principle for us is to develop software that allows our users to be successful in their marketing communications in less time. They are already busy enough. Curious about what else we can do for you?

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