Boltrics fulfilment integration

Fulfill all your order needs with the Boltrics fulfillment integration.

Streamline your eCommerce & marketing activities

It’s time to rethink e-commerce. Why connect your sales and marketing platforms with costly, custom integrations when there’s a better alternative? Spotler Connect: the new way of connecting E-commerce. Instead of connecting individual platforms with each other, you connect your e-commerce platforms with Spotler Connect.

Spotler Connect acts as the central data hub for all your e-commerce data. Orders, products, stock and customer profiles are imported, updated and propagated to connected platforms through the Spotler Connect integrations. This means no costly maintenance, more possibilities to optimise your daily operations and thus more time to make your customers happy. Market places, E-fulfilment, marketing automation: everything is possible with our integrations.

Boltrics webshop integration

With the Boltrics software you control a powerful tool for fulfilment. Leave the daily hassle of fulfilment in the hands of specialists and focus on things that only you can do – building your business.

Spotler Connect offers a Boltrics integration that seamlessly transports orders from any sales channel connected to Spotler Connect. The Boltrics integration propagates the following data:

  • Orders
  • Products
  • Shipments
  • Stock

3PL partners operating through Boltrics

Are you looking for a 3PL-partner to manage your fulfilment? Several of our customers are fulfilling through Spotler Connect partner Het Fulfilment Bedrijf. Contact Het Fulfilment Bedrijf to discuss the possibilities for your webshop(s).


Any order that is created in Spotler Connect and is ready to be processed, is also created in Boltrics.

Products and stock

As soon as a product is created in your webshop, it will also be created in Boltrics through Spotler Connect in order to prepare for inbound inventory. Spotler Connect processes Boltrics’ stock mutations and propagates any changes to integrated sales channels in realtime.

Shipping rules

With the Spotler Connect Boltrics integration, it’s possible to configure easy shipping rules to automatically select the right shipping method.


As soon as Boltrics creates a shipment for your order, the shipment is imported into Spotler Connect. Spotler Connect automatically propagates the shipment, including Track and Trace information to the order’s platform of origin. This way, your customer is always up to date with their order’s whereabouts.

Activate your Boltrics integration

To integrate your Boltrics account, register for an account at Spotler Connect. Through our self-onboarding you can configure your integration with a few mouse clicks. Spotler Connect will take care of everything else, and within 15 minutes your integration can be operational and ready to collect your orders. Do make sure that you have your Boltrics API credentials, your Client ID, Customer ID, SenderAddress ID, Tenant and Domain at the ready. If you don’t know how to find these, your Boltrics account manager can help you.

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