Magento & Spotler Connect

Optimise your Magento order processing with Spotler Connect.

Streamline your eCommerce & marketing activities

It’s time to rethink e-commerce. Why connect your sales and marketing platforms with costly, custom integrations when there’s a better alternative? Spotler Connect: the new way of connecting E-commerce. Instead of connecting individual platforms with each other, you connect your e-commerce platforms with Spotler Connect.

Spotler Connect acts as the central data hub for all your e-commerce data. Orders, products, stock and customer profiles are imported, updated and propagated to connected platforms through the Spotler Connect integrations. This means no costly maintenance, more possibilities to optimise your daily operations and thus more time to make your customers happy. Market places, E-fulfilment, marketing automation: everything is possible with our integrations.

The Magento integration

The Magento integration allows you to transport and update orders, products and customers. Send your orders to e-fulfilment software, and your leads to marketing automation for conversion campaigns. Spotler Connect automatically keeps products and stock levels synchronised across your sales channels.

Our Magento integration is compatible with Magento 2.3.6 and upwards. Earlier versions are not, or not fully supported.

The Magento integration supports the following data streams:

  • Orders
  • Products
  • Stock
  • Shipments
  • Checkouts
  • Customer profiles
  • Orders

When a new order is created in Magento, the integration automatically imports the order to Spotler Connect and propagates it to other integrated channels, such as e-fulfilment. It’s also possible to have orders from other sales channels automatically created in Magento for streamlined order processing.


When you create new products in Magento, these products are automatically imported into Spotler Connect and propagated to other relevant platforms, such as e-fulfilment and other sales channels. Identical products in different integrations are all linked together to one central listing in Spotler Connect.


By linking identical products to one central Spotler Connect product listing, it’s possible to instantly update your stock levels in all integrations. Whenever you make a sale, tally up new inventory or register a return, stock is updated across the board.


When a shipment is created in one of your integrations, this shipment is imported into Spotler Connect and propagated to Magento. This way, your customer is always in the loop about the whereabouts of their order.


Spotler Connect allows you to collect Magento checkouts, which you can propagate realtime to your marketing automation platform. Both active checkouts and abandoned checkouts can be captured, and acted upon by marketing.

Customer profiles

By syncing data across all integrations, Spotler Connect allows you to feed back any updates to customer profiles (for example, to opt-in statuses) to all relevant platforms. When other integrations send out profile updates, this data is instantly fed back to your Magento customer profile.

Activate your Magento integration

To integrate your Magento, register for an account at Spotler Connect. Through our self-onboarding you can configure your integration with a few mouse clicks. Spotler Connect will take care of everything else, and within 15 minutes your integration can be operational.

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